Objectives, Contents INTEGRATING THE CONCEPTS AND FRAMEWORK FOR IMPLEMENTING HYPNOSIS The definition of hypnosis. The different currents and practices. Scientific foundations, mechanisms and functioning. Fields of application and clinical applications in the dental chair. Psychological issues in the dental office. The contributions of hypnosis on the prefragility of caregivers. The ethical framework and the prerequisites. The position of Ericksonian hypnosis and clinical dental hypnosis. Integrate the modalities and techniques of hypnosis The different techniques and their framework of use: presentation. The concept of Ericksonian® dentistry. Hypnotic inductions and hypnotic analgesia. The use of verbal and nonverbal communication tools. The hypnotic relationship. Learning basic techniques for an Ericksonian hypnosis session: video exploitation, demonstrations, progressive simulation, cross evaluation. Prepare a hypnosis session Players. The challenge for the patient, for the dentist. The environment. The different phases. Perform a hypnosis at the dental office The realization of this exercise in intersession. Self-evaluation from a grid and reflective analysis. Exploit the experiences The description of the experiments: actions carried out, relevance of the context, quality of the preparation, analysis of the progress, evaluation of the results. The synthesis of difficulties, successes and questions. Consolidate knowledge and skills Additional contributions and exercises. Presentation and experimentation of new techniques. The development of an action plan and achievement objectives. Validation of an evaluation tool. The test by a quiz of knowledge. Added value of training This training, essentially practical, rest on the theoretical foundations of Ericksonian hypnosis. The teaching methods implemented guarantee a level of integration Interactive exercises and scenarios. Workshops and videos of clinical cases. The evaluation of knowledge. Practices during the intersession. Feedback and analysis of practices following the intersession. Issuing a Certificate of Practice in Clinical Hypnosis and Ericksonian Dentistry © Possibility to follow the initial training of 3 free days (200 € participation fees).